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By kenshin7979 ·
I've installed a speedstream 3060, I have earthlink as my ISP. My os is win2k. The dsl modem shows that it sees the dsl, but everytime i try to connect to the internet, it tells me there's a problem with my modem. The earthlink also won't work when I try to use the dial-up, I've had to use my netzero dial-up, which will only work when the dsl modem is unplugged. And I'm really not sure how to resolve this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to DSL EARTHLINK SPEEDSTREAM ...

Firstly and DSL Modem comes with a Low Pass Filter which needs to be fitted and if you have more than 1 extention you need filters on every extension. Now there should have been a Low Pass Filted supplied with the Modem and it is important to plug it in and plug in t5he Modem to the Modem Side and the Phone to the Phone side of the filter.

Once you have this setup correctly you need to go into the modem generally with a HTTP address and set it up to the specs supplied by your ISP. This will at the very least involve changing the User Name & Password amd maybe some other settings before it will work correctly. And you need to Save these Changes or you have just wasted your time in making them.

If you constantly hear a buzzing on the phone line every few minutes you have the Low Pass Filter installed incorrectly and you need to pay attention to this as it will also affect the quality of any speach that you are involved in as well as Fax transimmions if they apply here.

When you attempt to setup the Modem I alwaus use a USB Lead to do the settings and then connect through a RJ45 connection as they are more stable and generally speaking faster. But you must make sure that there is nothing else connected at the time as this can affect the setup procedure.

After you have saved the settings you need to unplug the power lead for about 30 seconds and then plug it back in and watch the Led's on the display to make sure that the Modem is connecting with the DSL connection if it's not you need to look at the Filters and the Settings of the Modem again.

There should have been a piece of paper supplied with the Modem from your ISP which will tell you the changes that you have to make to the Modem and it's also a great idea to change the default password as well to prevent any unauthorised action through the modem.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

I avoid the setup programs supplied with the DSL modems as I get regular cal outs to repair destroyed systems where the installer has run the DSL setup CD and hosed the OS completely.

Sometimes these things work and sometimes they don't so I always perform a manual setup which should be described in the manual that came with the Modem while you may not have got a book there will be a PDF file on the CD which you can access to find out how to setup the Modem without the supplied software.

From the number of calls that we get I would say that about 30% of installs trash the OS and as the big 2 DSL providers here hand out my business cards when the software crashes the computer I get quite a lot of business this way. So much so that I have two full time Techs just doing reinstalls of Windows XP and associated software for domestic users.

When these companies come to comerical places they tell the companies not to use the setup software as it's likely to destroy the OS on the computer connected and they run manual setup from their LT and then plug the modem into the computer. Most of the time they never touch any of the small business computers that I maintain.

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by jdclyde In reply to DSL EARTHLINK SPEEDSTREAM ...

I agree with HAL (again). The autoinstallers NEVER work for me. I haven't had an OS trashed because of them, but they have never configured the DSL account correctly yet.

Call the DSL support and make them fix it. Half the time it is because they never enabled the account. Let them bang their heads against a wall instead of you. It is THERE problem that it doesn't work.

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