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By kenshin7979 ·
I've installed a speedstream 3060, I have earthlink as my ISP. My os is win2k. The dsl modem shows that it sees the dsl, but everytime i try to connect to the internet, it tells me there's a problem with my modem. The earthlink also won't work when I try to use the dial-up, I've had to use my netzero dial-up, which will only work when the dsl modem is unplugged. And I'm really not sure how to resolve this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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by TheChas In reply to DSL EARTHLINK SPEEDSTREAM ...

One of the quirks of DSL is that some modems will not work for some providers.

Is the Speedstream supported by both Earthlink "AND" the common carrier that provides the DSL signal?

If not, that could be the problem. You may need to get a modem specifically supported by the common carrier.

Next, how well does your phone service work when you have the DSL modem connected?
There are many possibilities including reversed phone wiring or a bad phone wire or phone.

If Windows reports problems with the modem, you might need to remove and re-install the modem driver.

You did not state how you connect to the modem. If USB, it is imperative that you follow the installation instructions to the letter. Including the instructions for when to plug the modem into the PC.


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