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DSL fax software

By ant ·
I have the need to send traditional fax over my DSL connection, Symantec and other software requires a modem to be installed, how do I cross the problem

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by pgm554 In reply to DSL fax software

A FAX modem and DSL can exist on the same line.Just install a splitter(duplex) and put a DSL filter on the line that the FAX/modem is on.

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You need the modem

by TheChas In reply to DSL fax software

FAX service by definition uses a phone line.

Unless you are using VoIP or a similar technology that allows you to place phone calls over your DSL connection, you CAN'T send a FAX over a DSL line.

I know that this seams contrary as your DSL signal comes in over a phone line. The phone and DSL signals are discrete and separate signals on the same line.

You just cannot dial up a FAX machine over a DSL line.

There are services that you can contract with to send a FAX using your DSL connection.
You would still need a modem or FAX machine to receive Faxes locally.


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Yes,he does need a modem.(I thought I said that)

by pgm554 In reply to You need the modem

I have an HP all in one on the same line as my DSL.
I send and receive faxes all the time.
I use a duplex splitter between the two with the filter on the split line going to my fax machine and the unfiltered line going to my DSL modem . It works just fine.

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by TheChas In reply to Yes,he does need a modem. ...

I understand what you posted.

I believe the peer desires to send Faxes via DSL not just on the same phone line.

This is not the first time that a question has come in from someone who wants to use their broadband connection to send and receive faxes.

All I was trying to do, is explain why they need a modem to send and receive faxes. And, the few options there are to send faxes over broadband.

Your posting was technically correct, and sound advice.
However, as I read the original posting, you did not answer why they needed a modem, and why they could not just send out a fax on the DSL line without a modem.


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Fax with DSL

by Meganetcomputers In reply to Understood

There are many ways that you can go about receiving faxes via DSL or through the traditional hardware based fax machines.

Several companies exist on the internet that will take care of your fax needs. Most of these companies have software packages that you can download. A company I have used in the past called efax, does a wonderful job (at a cost of course).

If you are using a hardware based device you can just (depending on the type of DSL install you have) place a filter on your fax machine. If you have a splittered install then you do not need to have a filter so you can just simply plug the device directly into a phone jack.

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by faxbeep In reply to Fax with DSL

The simplest way to fax using your DSL connection is through an internet fax service provider. You can find a list of these at .

Also, you can find a discussion of faxing over DSL in the Internet Fax FAQ at .

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