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    DSL Hell


    by kwoods1229 ·

    I have recently begun an effort to force Verizon to recognize the problems inherent in their DSL software. Many of my clients have succumbed to Verizon’s low price for DSL service in the last three weeks.

    When they install the Verizon DSL software, links and calls to the clients Norton or McAfee Antivirus packages. Within one hour of pluggin in, each computer is innundated with common viruses and calls to Verizon deny responsibility.

    My staff has had to recover or re-format more than three hundred hard drives as a result.

    Is any one else running into these problems?? or have I simply fallen into the Internet version of Dante’s famous 7th level of Hades??

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      DSL Consideration

      by funinalaska ·

      In reply to DSL Hell

      Is Verizon your only provider for DSL?
      I can’t slander a company, however, maybe it is time to switch providers. If a company cannot give you the support that you expect then you need to move on.
      Any company that contributes to emails that continue to have virus problems, most likely is not updating their own software.
      You need to consider your down time vs continuing with this company. Is it worth it?

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