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DSL Modem Address

By kimscomputing ·
I have purchased several speedstream dsl modems models 5200 and 5360 over the past year. I have sold them to customers in our area with not much hassle. However lately I have recieved 4 modems I cannot get to sync with the dsl line. I was wondering if there was a way to find out the modems ip address and like a router tell it to release. Or if you have any other suggestions. I have run ipconfig until I am blue in the face with no help. I would like to have some control inside the modem box.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to DSL Modem Address

if they have a usb port, try that. with the utility for configuring via the usb port. you can configure the tcpip stuff that way. other thing to try is to find out how to reset the thing to factory defaults then you will know the address it *should* be at. but maybe usb easiest way. maybe try updating roms...

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by kimscomputing In reply to DSL Modem Address

there is no usb port only lan

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by TheChas In reply to DSL Modem Address

I doubt that this is an IP address issue.

When a DSL modem connects to the line, it is assigned an IP address from the phone company. Unless you have fixed IP service.

If the modem is not capturing the DSL signal, I would first suspect problems with the phone line.

I install POTS splitters where the phone line comes into the building and run a separate phone line to the DSL modem. This way, the DSL signal is isolated from the phone system and any issues with the rest of the structure wiring. You also don't need to install filters on the phones.

You should also verify that the phone line is connected with the correct polarity. You can get a simple line tester at Radio Shack.

Of course, it could be a manufacturing problem with the modems, and the DSL signal is not strong enough for this batch of modems.


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by LMon In reply to DSL Modem Address

Here is a the address for the modem. type this is IE and hit go it should take you to the configuration page\setup page for the router.

Here is a link to FAQ's on 5200

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by kimscomputing In reply to

Didn't work. I don't believe the modem has a router built in. I have (3) 5360 and (1) 5260. Sorry.

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by RCOM In reply to DSL Modem Address

Is there a non-filtered phone connected to the same line. Did you use the installation software that came with the modem? Its supposed to automatically discover the modem. Use the reset button.

Having the IP address of the modem will not help in trying to get it to link or train to the ADSL service. When the modem is first connected it should eventually get a solid link light. If the modem isn't training your best bet is to contact the ISP and see if they can see the modem.

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by kimscomputing In reply to DSL Modem Address

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