DSL Modem, Laptop, Desktop PC & Printer in one Network? How???

By lexi.santiago ·
I'm a student so I'm actually puzzled about this things., I'm going to create a small network at home.. is it possible to use the wireless connection of the laptop to connect to the internet using the dsl modem?? If yes, what router or switch should i buy?? and how do i do that? is it possible to have a wireless and wired connection in just one router?? thank you for any replies..

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by BFilmFan In reply to DSL Modem, Laptop, Deskto ...

Yes it is possible to have a wired and wireless connection in one router. Most models of wireless routers offer cable ethernet ports, usually 4 to 8 of them depending on the model and manufacturer.

As for which model to purchase, I would advise that you go to the local library and peruse the recommendations of Consumer Reports Annual Report on wireless routers and see what they recommend as a Best Buy.

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Wireless Router With Switch

by TheChas In reply to DSL Modem, Laptop, Deskto ...

You can do this with 1 device or 2.

I have a wireless router that has a built in 4 port switch. With this, you plug the DSL modem into the WAN port, connect up the other wired hardware, and enter the router setup per the included instructions.

Be sure to configure the security options to make your network secure.

Or, you can use a wired router with a built in switch and a Wireless access point.


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Don?t be intimidated

by Snuffy09 In reply to DSL Modem, Laptop, Deskto ...

Once you have all the components in front of you it makes a lil more Sense.

1.First you need your dsl modem which should be supplied by your ISP (preconfigured)

2.Next pick a wireless router from best buy/ciruit city (home version linksys works fine for basic wifi ranges) these routers also have 5 wired ports in the back, and one uplink port

3.connect your dsl modem to your phone jack, then use a cat5 patch cable to connect your modem to the uplink jack of your wireless router.

4.then connect all your non-wireless computers to the remaining open ports on the router.

5. secure your wireless network with password and WPA encryption (optional (use unprotected at your own risk))

*note* make sure that all of your computers (wired and wireless) are set to DHCP so they are assigned the correct IP addresses from your router

Good Luck

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About the printer

by Snuffy09 In reply to Don?t be intimidated

I just noticed you mentioned a printer too. You have 2 options

A. you can install the printer on one of the Local computers on your network.
-The downfall is that this computer always has to be on when printing to the printer. You may also experience Security and authentication issues.

B. you could purchase what is called a print server. (Assuming you have a USB printer) the print server is pretty much a box that gives your usb printer an IP address you plug the printer into the print server and the print server into one of the free ports in your router.

You want to make sure you give the print server a Static IP address so it doesn?t change on you.
-the downfall is that it takes a lil more configuring, but it is more stable and you don?t have to worry about authentication conflicts.

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by technogeek-1995 In reply to About the printer

Or, if you are into buying a new printer, you could buy a wireless "Network Ready" Printer, unless you already have a wireless "Network Ready" Printer.

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