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DSL Modem, Wireless Router, Laptop

By barclaya ·
Ok, here we go:
Previously, cable modem to wireless router ethernet cable to PC from router. Wireless laptop connection to internet perfect with PC on or off.

Now, swap cable modem for DSL modem all other connections the same. Wireless laptop connection to internet perfect with PC on, no internet with PC off.

Any answers? Please....

Ann B

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by Wizard-09 In reply to DSL Modem, Wireless Route ...

Should'nt matter if pc is on or not if you have the setup done right.

Try this setup from the DSL cable box plug in an enthernet cable, then plug the other end into the routher, from the routher run another enthernet cable to your pc that should work without any problems.

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Ooops, silly me!

by barclaya In reply to DSL

Red faces here! I have a power control switch, so when I turned off the PC the power was off for all connected peripherals. Have moved the modem to its own supply - problem solved. Thanks for the confirmation of my sanity.

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Oops, silly you...

by MGP2 In reply to Ooops, silly me!

I think you meant "confirmation of my INsanity." ]:)

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