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    Dsl Modems


    by raytucker ·

    I have 2 dsl modems. I would like to know if I can run both to seperate computers. I have 256Mps service, but I’m using a hub getting 10-100Mps (Micrsoft MN-100).

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      by thechas ·

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      First, I doubt that you have 256Mps DSL service.
      256Kps maybe.

      The 10/100Mps is standard speed for a CAT5 / Ethernet network.

      Second, you cannot install 2 DSL modems and increase your bandwidth.

      In fact, I’m nearly positive that you cannot connect over a single phone line with 2 separate DSL modems at the same time.

      You can use the separate modems to allow 2 individual computers to connect to the DSL signal without going through the hub.
      However, BOTH computers CANNOT be connected to the DSL line at the same time.

      You can also connect to the internet on 1 PC using DSL, and the other using a dial-up account at the same time.


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      by oz_media ·

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      If you REALLY must double you lines to get increased speed, say for video conferencing you will need to combine ISDN (either BRI or PRI) lines, not DSL, unless business clss DSL with multiple inbound lines.

      Generally, for residential use, you will not be able to multiply DSL lines.

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      by wlbowers ·

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      If you have two separate DSL lines.
      You can use the two modems and a Cisco Router that can be configured to utilize both lines for a speed increase and load share.

      Good Luck Lee

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      by raytucker ·

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