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DSL Network Issues

By christophe0241 ·
I recently was called on site to assist a customer with issues regarding their Linksys Wireless-G network. After recently upgrading their router to the wireless-g from an extremely old Linksys router, they began having issues with conflicting IP addresses. I was going to access the Linksys configuration via IE(the address), the page was severely erroneous, though...the tables for the page loaded, but no text at all. They had apparently not run the installation disk, so I ran it for them. After completing the installation, the configuration menu finally loaded fully and correctly. Then, to our demise, the computer that was connected to the internet, would no longer connect. The client decided that they were just going to buy a new router, thinking that was the issue. I tried reverting back to the old router, and also tried connecting directly through the DSL modem, but neither offered an internet connection. I'm lost...any ideas or suggestions would be absolutely great.

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by ICB's corner In reply to DSL Network Issues

Take a little by little step forward. Check the WAN connection (toward ISP) with a ping or some other tool from router. If it is connection between ISP and router then you must work around router configuration (NAT, proxy, DHCP, Firewall). Else try to connect with other router or you must contact the internet provider.

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by ICB's corner In reply to

The last part of your comment shows that you have no DHCP server. Maybe you must activate DHCP from router and make a scope. Must be a single DHCP server.

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by christophe0241 In reply to DSL Network Issues

I could not ping any external addresses, but could ping the computer itself. The immediate problem would be an issue with the DSL service itself. Until I can figure out why there was no internet connection directly through the modem, I can't really resolve any network issues concerning the router. Once the connection gets restored, however, I will probably still be faced with the IP conflict. Also, the computer that was reporting the conflicting IP addresses, when releasing/renewing the IP it would report that there was nothing detected to handle the service. This particular case offered a plethora of problems.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to DSL Network Issues

I know that this sounds silly but have you powered down the Modem removed the power left it for about 30 seconds and plugged it back in?

Quite often a problem like this can be traced back to a power spike scrambling the Modem/Router and stopping it working.


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by mjd420nova In reply to DSL Network Issues

I'm with HAL on this one, been there and done that. Needed a hard reset on the modem and then all returned to normal.. Now it's become the first thing I do, hard rest the modem and router. Even before tackling the software issue.

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