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dsl on dialup mdm, G.Brown,Glyall,Jaqui

By crlawler ·
Original post Jan13/05. Ran into an obvious problem. My dsl comes to me through a switch on cat 5, 585B wiring std.

So I have an 8 pin connector that won't fit into the 4 pin modem port. Using a buttset I checked all 8 wires but couldn't decide which 4 I should use, choosing the trans/rceive pairs is not a problem but I'm all hung up on a dial tone required by the dial up modem. A dsl modem would defeat the purpose as what I need to do is check customers dial up modems before I send the systems out.

Yes , Left out some big pieces I guess in the first post.

Thanks for your time...


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by TheChas In reply to dsl on dialup mdm, G.Brow ...

What do you normally plug the RJ45 jack into?
A T-Base 10/100 network card?
If so, there is NO way to connect the lines to a standard dial-up modem.

So, where is the DSL modem?

If your Internet connection is through a standard network connection from a switch, the DSL modem must be upstream of your connection.

I think I recall reading your original post. Are you sure that you have DSL Internet?
You MUST have a phone line for DSL. The DSL signal travels over standard copper phone line from the local phone switch to your location. Then, a DSL modem converts the signal for use over a network connection.

If you do not have any phone service, I suspect that you have either:

A "T1" line
A "IDSN" line
Or, a shared DSL service that comes to the building but does NOT provide a phone line to each office or apartment.

Either way, you likely do NOT have any means to use the phone line the DSL rides on from your office or apartment.

You "might" be able to work out some method of a dial-up connection using a VoIP phone system. But, setting that up would cost as much or more than a "Basic" land line.


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by Jaqui In reply to dsl on dialup mdm, G.Brow ...

um, put a splitter on the phone line jack from the wall for the dsl.
then put a phone line from the regular modem to the other side of the splitter.

there has to be an active land phone line for dsl.
( cable high speed is not same device, and is not dsl )

the regular mmodem needs to have a dial tone line to work.

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by glyall In reply to dsl on dialup mdm, G.Brow ...

To use a standard dial up modem it uses the standard phone lines (4 wire connection, which only two lines are used). To have all 4 line in the cable to work you need to have two phone line for that location ( 2 seperate phone numbers to same location).
Connection speed is max 56k.

To have a DSL connection over the same phone line you have to pay for that service and have filters for regular phone usage.
I have a 512K ADSL that I pay an extra $40 a month for on top of the regular phone service.

A standard ADSL modem use a 4 line from the wall jack to the ADSL modem. From the ADSL modem to a PC, router, hub, or switch you use the 8 line cable (CAT5). Then the CAT5 lines to PCs/Latops.

hope this helps

good luck

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by wlbowers In reply to dsl on dialup mdm, G.Brow ...

You need a drop from the line that goes into the dsl.

You are describing the ethernet side of a dsl modem. No dial tone is avaible from there.

You only need the red and green lines. That will be the two center pins. But again not from the ethernet side.

Good Luck Lee

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