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DSL or T1?

By camy2079 ·
I currently have 17 users connecting through a ADSL line which runs around 1.2mbs (down) on average. In the next few months I will be expanding to support about 50 users. Users use our connection for internet access and e-mail. I don't host a website or have a WAN.

Would a DSL handle 50 users? I can't imagine it would... Should I move to a T1, why? I've been told speed is speed, but can't a T1 handle greater traffic? Yes?

The T1 offers guarenteed up time, gaurenteed transfer rate and is monitored by the provider which is enough for me.... BUT my CEO thinks it's a waste of $ since he quote thinks "speed is speed"

BTW, I've had 2 DSL outages in the last 3 month and our business can't fuction without web access....

Thankin advance....

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no speed...

by ghstinshll In reply to DSL or T1?

a T1 will giv eyou 1.54MB down... if you're at 1.2 for a MAJOR cost savings, then stay with the DSL. You might want to look into a more reliable carrier though if you have problems with up time.

The T1 will not give you any return if you get it,besides the more reliable uptime. You may need to look into some kind of failover for internet access.

Are you using a proxy server? Can it be set up with two routes out? It's been a long time since I've studied any of that, but I believe you set up two routes and give a cost metric higher to the route that you set up as a dial-out service. This would enable people to get out if the DSL is down, but only if they needed to really get to the net.

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not speed, concurrent use

by George Ewing In reply to DSL or T1?

It's not the size of the pipe, it's how many concurrent users you expect to have. We run 200-plus users through a 1.05mb DSL connection and have never had a problem - because only about 20 of them are using it at any given moment.

Also, once a web page is loaded, the demand on the pipe goes away. This assumes you block streaming audio/video services and are dealing with http requests only.

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DSL or T1

by veetz In reply to DSL or T1?

Your DSL line will accomodate all 50 terminals but you will suffer congestion.

In one of the offices here there are five terminals on it. Each time everyone goes on-line there is a slow down. The slow down in response to the terminal commands isabout thirty seconds or so. Yours will be greater.

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Multiple DSL connections are cheaper

by admin In reply to DSL or T1?

and if you use several different ISP's you will cut downtime. You could also use DSL\Cable (or any other) combo...

either way you use different gateway orders for different groups and this will roughly balance traffic if you put some thought intoyour groupings. Then if one goes down everyone routes through the remaining, losing speed perhaps but staying up. There are also hardware & software devices to do this that you can put on the other side. Why don't they teach this stuff in school?
Oh well... the T1 would be easier, but this would potentially provide considerable cost savings.

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