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DSL Setup Router

By Digital_DNA ·
I was just at a customers home attempting to setup a wireless router to connect to a DSL Modem. The modem was connected to an indivudual computer when I got there. The customer connected to the modem via USB; he also had the network cable connected to his computer. I figured out that the USB cable was actually connecting the computer to the DSL Modem. The network cable connected to the PC wasn't doing anything so I connected it to the WAN port on the router (where its supposed to go).

When I tried to connect to the router ( I wasn't able to. Appearantly that is also the IP for the Modem config. I proceded to another computer which incedently was able to connect to the router (but not internet). With this computer I was able to access the routers config settings.

My question is; if I leave the USB cable connected to the upstairs computer, and uplink from the modem to the router via ethernet cable, how do I get the router to grab the modem info so I can share the connection with the other computers?

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by hrhold1 In reply to DSL Setup Router

ok, i'm just learning this stuff but I'll give it a shot. first off if there is an existing network, the DSL modem can be addressed directly from the router, allowing all computers on the network to access the internet. Check to be sure that the 'automatically detect settings' box is checked. The ISP may also require that the "PROXY" settings be used if there are multiple users on a single DSL connection. Just a thought. hope this helps ... H

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by Digital_DNA In reply to

Not a bad attempt for someone just learning. The solution is in my comment above. Thanks for your suggestion.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to DSL Setup Router

it would help if you posted the isp (because might be aol, which is horse of another color) and the dsl modem model. not to mention the wireless 'router' you want to use. since you do not mention those you must only be looking for general overview imho.
when you are attempting to get tcpip devices talking to each other, start with ipconfig to see where you are at. your problem was most likely needing ipconfig /release /renew. or possibly the first computer was not dhcp client. anyhow, the second picked up dhcp settings from dhcp server in wireless 'router' that started talking on ethernet soon as you powered it up as dhcp server usually on by default. so go back to the first computer that didn't work. do not put your router on it. just get to command prompt and ipconfig. note ip address subnet and segment and gateway. go to computer that you can talk to your router with and repeat ipconfig steps. note differences. get network+ book. study dhcp and tcpip and dns. good luck. gotta be same segment same subnet mask. gets dns from gateway. bottom line for you is call mfg of wireless 'router' for install support or visit mfg website for detailed how to

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by Digital_DNA In reply to

The ISP is Verizon DSL. I'm in Massachusetts which could make a difference. I'm not sure if they do things differently by geographical location.

Solution to problem above.

Thanks for the suggestions sgt..

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by CG IT In reply to DSL Setup Router

first the ethernet cable from the pc doesn't get connected to the WAN port on the router. it connects to one of the 4 switch ports. The modem [depending upon which DSL modem it is,] should have 3 ports. USB, Ethernet WAN and and a RJ11. The ethernet WAN port on the modem onnects to the WAN port on the router.

To be able to talk to the router from the computer, you'll need to configure the browser. If your running Windows with IE, open up IE and click stop. Click tools in the tool bar, navigate internet options, connections, LAN settings. With the LAN settings property page open, clear all check boxes. Click ok. Close all open windows and restart IE. Click stop. Type in the address bar or whatever the ip address is for the router. the router logon page asking for user name and password. Enter whatever user name and password specified by the documentation that came with the router

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by Digital_DNA In reply to
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by Digital_DNA In reply to DSL Setup Router

Okay, I stopped over there today to pickup the router book only to find that the customer started messing with everything in an attempt to get it working. He moved the modem and router downstairs to the computer I had just formated. He installed Verizons software, which incidently isn't necessary to get things working. So, I had no choice but to fix the problem before he screwed it up more than it already was. I did finally get it to work. So, here's how I fixed it.

Fortunantly, I had my laptop with me so I was able to exclude the computer that was already connected as the problem. I turned off all computers in the house, linked the modem and router together via Ethernet cable, connected my laptop to lan 1 on the router, and entered the router config. I took the USB cable and tossed it in the trash because you don't need it. I believe that USB cable was part of the problem.

Once I was able to access the router I changed the settings from DHCP to PPPoE and entered the username and password for the DSL account, reset the router and modem, entered router config again and hit refresh / renew. Boom! router grabbed the info from the modem and I was well on my way.

Next, I truned on the downstairs computer, uninstalled Verizons software, restarted computer and the wireless card found the access point/router and grabbed an IP. Fired up internet explorer and thats all she wrote for that one. There is no need to enter IE to setup an account. It should find it on its own.

On to that junker upstairs. I went into network connections, removed all connections except the wireless connection, disabled the stupid bridge connection which was preventing the Wireless connection from getting online and online we went.

Thanks for the help guys. I know how difficult it is to resolve a problem when you're not in front of the computer. I appreciate the effort.


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by LMon In reply to DSL Setup Router

Try this.

1st - If the main computer connected is connected to the modem via usb remove it. In other words you can only use either ethernet or usb on the modem you can't use both at the same time it will not work out that way.

2nd - keep the modem unplugged and not attached to anything. Then attach port 1 on the router to the main computer via ethernet. Shut off the computer and the router then restart. Then enter the ip address of the router and make sure you are using the correct address. If the pc is set to static address change it to dynamic addresses. If you say the modem and router use the same address the best option is to change the router's lan address from (example) to (example). close IE.

3rd plug the etherenet from the modem into the port that states internet or wan on the router. Then open IE and enter the new address for the router (as mentioned in step 2) If you see the user name and password screen for the router enter it and configure the router to the modem. Since it is dsl it will problably be pppoe. Enter user name and password then hit the connect button if it states connected check to see if you can browse the internet. If you can you must then make sure all the computers are set to dynamic address if not then either release\renew ip address or restart the computers.

If you need anymore assistance please comment.

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You are a genius

by CBird Miami In reply to

I was struggling with this connection problem for hours. You solved it for me in minutes. Thanks..

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by Digital_DNA In reply to DSL Setup Router

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