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DSL speed for dial-up

By sandro_giraldo ·
I have come across to two companies like netzero and proxyconn that offer this amazing dsl speed for a dial-up which seems to be to good to be true. netzero is $14.95 and proxyconn $8.95. I don't mind having an internet provider that doesn't have dsl speed as long as it's a reliable company with good business practices. What do you think about these two companies? Should I trust them? At least price wise?

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DSL speed for dial-up

by TheChas In reply to DSL speed for dial-up

I don't know about proxycon.

The service that NetZero offers uses software to compress the packets of data for loading web pages.

For downloads, you will see no measurable speed difference, as most files are already compressed.

For page load speeds, the improvement will vary from page to page.

The actual advertising campaign is a gimmick.
At best, you will see some pages load at 3X dial-up speeds.

As to company reputation, NetZero is part of United On-Line which owns Juno and Blue-Light as well.

All 3 ISPs started out as free services.
You are now limited to 10 hours per month (if you can dial in) at each for free.
Beyond that, it is $10 per month for service.

If DSL or Cable is not available or affordable to you atthis time, I would look into having 2 phone lines, and install a second modem to increase your internet speed.
Just make sure that your ISP allows you to dial in twice.


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DSL speed for dial-up

by OriDjinn In reply to DSL speed for dial-up

I have been told that the providers cache the content on their local servers. You dial directly into the servers and grab the content from their servers, not the external web hosts. This greatly reduces the number of "hops" required to reach a site, and therefore greatly speeds up the content delivery. They also compress the content for faster delivery. One thing to keep in mind, if they don't currently have a website cached, the first time you visit it will be slow, but afterwards it should load faster. Its not a bad deal, but has its limitations.

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by wlbowers In reply to DSL speed for dial-up

Maximum allowable speed on dialup is @53K.

Any speed increase on a dialup line is by compressing the data that comes over the lines.

Some things are not compressable. Files that already in a compressed format.

Between the two of these I would select Netzero.

Proxyconn has this in their legal readme.

"The user is advised, that the use of the caching may cause delivery of a ?stale? response instead of a ?fresh? one, and the lossy compression may cause "blurring" of images."

NetZero is up front with their disclaimer.

"NetZero HiSpeed is not a broadband service and actual data transmission rates are not faster than standard dial-up Internet service. Transmission of files including, without limitation, streaming audio or video, digital photographs, MP3 or other music files, executable files and other downloads, is not faster using NetZero HiSpeed than with standard dial-up service."

The above blog's in quotations are from the respective sites disclaimers or explinations.

Don't blame me.

Good Luck Lee

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