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DSL times-out all users except one durin

By dyeager ·
We have noticed disturbing behavior with the Netopia R7100c router on our SDSL 784k link from

When downloading a large file from a high performance internet site (netopia utilization > 97%, for example downloading corel linux through cnet[corellinux-oc_1.1.iso.gz from, which was selected from all download sites after canceling the default download from Finland]), all other users have no internet connection (we tested a second different request on the same pc, and with other pcs on different subnets). The netopia does not forward the connection to the backup connection. Pinging to the immediate other side of the dsl link yields typical response time of 20 seconds to 1 minute, with occasional times exceeding 3 minutes.

This problem could kill VPNs as well as create many irate users.

Initially we had the prioritize delay-sensitive data option set to yes. Setting it to no and retesting produced the same results.

Our view expressed to Netopia was the prioritize delay-

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DSL times-out all users except one durin

by SyscoKid In reply to DSL times-out all users e ...

Hi there. Your question got cut off. One little annoying thing about TechRepublic is that you can type as much as you want, but only the first 1000 characters gets posted. What you should do is either shorten the question or post two messages, onebeing a continuation of the other (no points necessary on the continuation).

Feel free to reject this question and start fresh. (PS: I have no answer to your problem).

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DSL times-out all users except one durin

by dyeager In reply to DSL times-out all users e ...

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