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DSL vs T1 vs T3 vs Cable

By kdg138 ·
I am new to the game and we are on DSL. My boss wants to improve speeds and possibly move our web site to in house server. What are the best options here?

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by house In reply to DSL vs T1 vs T3 vs Cable

What is your budjet? How many hits do you get on your website? What kind of technologies have you implimented for your website? Is it a simple "web presence" or do you have programs that are available to the end-user?

You should respond with your site link so that we can have a better idea as to your needs.

These are the average commercial rates...

dsl = under $100
cable = around $100
T1 = from $1000
T3 = up to $1500

Also, depending on your location, you may be able to secure a fractional dedicated line.

PS - This commercial site has a very good introductory explaination regarding different services

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by house In reply to

Sorry, T3 = up to $15,000 - that was a typing error.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to DSL vs T1 vs T3 vs Cable

My company has a DSL line we give to our clients for them to use while they are visiting - keeps them off of our network. We have two T-1s for our production internet connection in each of our major offices. In this office we also have Yipes for general web usage, and in another main office we have a Cogent connection for the same purpose. The offices are all connected, so if one ISP is gone, we can route through another office as necessary.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to

We reasoned for keeping the T-1s because they are very stable and we didn't want to go through the hassle of moving our domains to new IP addresses unecessarily.

Moving company browsing over to another service provider keeps pressure off of those same T-1s, ensuring good production-mode availability, etc. Now, a user downloading a 100 MB PDF file won't interfere with someone in Marketing sending out that much in email, and neither will harm someone doing time-sensitive internet research.

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by nszczesiul In reply to DSL vs T1 vs T3 vs Cable

I work for and, depending on your location, can offer you T1 service as low as $250/month with $0 installation fees. T1 is better than Cable and DSL because it is a dedicated solution, unlike DSL and cable where you are sharing with other residences and business. Upload and download are both at 1.5Mbps. Email me for a free quote:

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DSL vs T1 vs T3 vs Cable

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