DSL vs T1

By rlynch@lockhartcadillac. ·
I had a quick question. We have a company that has had a t1 internet circuit over the past 3 years. We have a sonicwall tz210 in place that has a site to site vpn setup to connect us to our main hq that is located in the same city. Our company has downsized and we are now looking at about 15 employees working out of it. Our T1 contract is expiring in a couple months, would we be okay to use something smaller such as a business dsl service? Our main applications that we use are web based and only need that vpn tunnel back to hq for some file sharing here and there. I just wasn?t sure if we went from a 3mbs t1 circuit to a 3mbs business dsl that there would be a significant decrease in speed or reliability. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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you should save a ton of money

by IC-IT In reply to DSL vs T1

The speed may even be a touch faster than the bonded T1, due to less overhead.
For the price difference you could get the fastest DSL available to you and still save a bunch of money (better than the little guy with googly eyes).

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would you

would you recommend doing this with the rest of our stores that have more around 40-50 users? Or is dsl really just best for smaller offices? Thanks for the advice on the smaller store, i think we may do that.

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50 users ? how many actually use the WAN?

by CG IT In reply to would you

how do they authenticate? local or HQ?

Imagine 5 sites with 50 people each all using the WAN at 8am to logon.

That's where a T1 really has it's benefits.

If you get a business class DSL connection with a static address you'll get around 768k up which ends up being about 664k up. So if you have lots of users on the WAN, there's going to be lag at the user level.

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Although not necessarily a limit

by IC-IT In reply to 50 users ? how many actua ...

Dependability and responsiveness to outages would be my real concern.
They are likely paying in the neighborhood of $500 amonth.
Here is a plan comcast offers that would be a speed improvement over the T1. This is in the Indie city. 50up 10 down sounds good. heck you could get two lines and still save money.

Starter Premium Deluxe
Just Internet Service $59.95 $99.95 $189.95
Internet + TV (Basic) $64.90 $104.90 $194.90
Speeds (Downloads/Uploads) 6 Mbps/1 Mbps 22 Mbps/5 Mbps 50 Mbps/10 Mbps

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I don't see why there would be a change.

by Ron K. In reply to DSL vs T1

AFAIK 3Mbps is 3 Mbps. Reliability depends upon your ISP. I searched using Google and the keywords "DSL vs. T1". It returned 729,000 hits.

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believe me, i know google has a lot of info. sometimes i like posting on here to get actual feedback from real IT managers who are using or have used the actual setup im asking about. real life answers..... thanks.

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sorry about that ron

by rlynch@lockhartcadillac. In reply to thanks

i thought you were the first person who answered me earlier that actually looks like at IT manager and gave a good answer. 3mbs isnt 3mbs when it comes to dsl and t1's. you shouldve read one of those 700,000 google respones you got. please let people answer who know what they are talking about. thanks.

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by santeewelding In reply to sorry about that ron
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I agree. NT

by jfuller05 In reply to Google
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T1 dedicated /fractional / what-have-you

by CG IT In reply to thanks

typically T1 gives you 1.5mbps upload and download, and only your traffic is on it unless it's a shared T1. Costs a ton but there you go.

DSL gives you lots download but not so much upload. it's basically an Internet connection. Comes with a public IP address dynamic or static.

Your sonicwall doesn't care what the WAN connection is.

So if your users don't mind some nail tapping or pencil banging from time to time, DSL can save some $$

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