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DSLoptimization and Network Efficiency

By R.murray ·
As a non-profit I have had to change my internet connection from a 4.5 broadband to two(2) dsl connections. The new connection works fine and is more secure and provides disaster recovery should one go down, however I would like to effectively have both connections be utilitized with my users based upon network traffic. The connections have seperate IP addresses and seperate subnets. I have two 1721 Cisco routers and 3 2950 switches. I would like to have access to our main network AND the user/public network as the administator (sbs 2003) and be able to use ALL of the network printers over both lans (w2k3).
I am pretty sure that I should be able to do a subnet translation via my routers, but I am not sure how I can maximize my traffic. On the weekends the exective staff does not use the LAN and I would like to have an automated configuration so that the weekend staff has faster response times
Currently I have only 1 private ip address configuration -
current subnets are and
I am a accidental techie and was doing ok with one ip address. Any suggestions from a professional would be greatly appreciated.

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