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    DSMERGE – Problem after merging NDS Tree


    by majorhelpdesk ·

    Following the merge of two trees into one, I now have the target tree with the server from the source tree functioning properly with one nagging problem. DSMERGE did not remove the source tree object because it looks like in never totally completedthe merge. Although I see alll the container objects that existed in the source tree in the target tree now and the server object is working fine, I can not do anything with the old source tree object. It shows up in NWADMIN but will not me do anthing with it. Running Partition Manager allows me the option to “Cancel the Merge” or “Move” but I think this may trash NDS. Novell no longer provides support for 4.1 so I am seeking any ideas I can get. Local CNE’s are stumpted as well.


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