DST 2007 Blackberry Pearl Problems

By bridgetmc ·
I'm having a frustrating problem with my Blackberry Pearl syncing with Outlook 2007 (OS is Vista) and wondering if anyone can help. Rim told me the problem would resolve itself on 4/1, but so far it hasn't.

When I enter appointments into Outlook, they're coming out an hour behind on the BB. I've installed the DST 2007 Patch and it doesn't help. I also installed the MS Outlook patch (on my desktop) but that doesn't help either. I was on the phone with Rim for 45 minutes the other day, changing time zones around on the BB and taking other measures, none of which worked. Cingular has washed their hands of the situation.

Is anyone else dealing with this issue out there? Help!

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Re: DST 2007 Blackberry Pearl Problems

by sandyr1950 In reply to DST 2007 Blackberry Pearl ...

I am having the same EXACT problem - Blackberry Pearl, Outlook 2007, Windows Vista. Does anyone know what to do about this problem? Help!!

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BB Pearl weirdness

by psaley In reply to DST 2007 Blackberry Pearl ...

I also find the BB Pearl synching process results in changing the time of entries, but my synching also takes an event planned for a Wednesday, for example, & spreads it across Tuesday, Wed. & Thurs. I loaded the Service Packs & they didn't address this problem. The end result is that I don't trust the times & days that are on my BB & isn't that the whole point??

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by steve8443 In reply to DST 2007 Blackberry Pearl ...

Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

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I am glad to know I am not the only one with this problem

by motorab In reply to Solution?

The problem is very frustrating for the very reason that I cannot trust the Blackberry, and I was afraid that in synching it would corrupt Outlook and my old, reliable Palm that I keep as a backup. I have a number of all day entries, and they are totally messed up, showing up at 11:00 the previous day. I do notice that after the old time that day light saving time begins in April and after all the Blackberry entries are correct. But for these few weeks, it is virtually useless or worse. At least I'll get to my appointments an hour earlier instead of later. I wonder what will happen in the fall when we go back to Standard Time. I use Outlook 2007 but it is running on XP Pro.

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by jonybader In reply to I am glad to know I am no ...

The problem is with the CDO.dll version on your BES server. This needs to be 6.5.7651.61 if running Exchange 2003 SP2. Apparently you need to install Exchange SP2 update on your BES server to fix this, even if Exchange isn't installed on the BES. Had to go into BES logs to find where it was looking for CDO.DLL and check version (found in %windir%\system32) and it was version 6.5.7226.0). We had to rename CDO.DLL in folder, install Exc SP2 on BES server, reboot and it fixed it!

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Pearl issues, appointments 4 hour behind for both T-Mobile and Sprint

by todd In reply to I am glad to know I am no ...

We have 5 pearl's in our company with the same issue. Certain appointments are 4-5 hours behind. Any ideas???

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