DST on Windows XP

By skatzen ·
We have over 200 XP systems on our network. About 26 or so reported that the patch issued by Microsoft did not change the time. We then went in to manually reset the time while we tried to figure out what may have went wrong with this handful of systems. An hour later the users reported the time switched back to the original time. Two questions: Anyone have any idea why the patch didn't work on these systems, andtwo why does it change back. I'm sure the answer is the same for both, but just asking them separately. The systems were imaged so there SHOULDN'T be any difference. The users are just domain users - no special rights or permissions.

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don't know why but

by lowlands In reply to DST on Windows XP

try this. Double click clock, go to time zone tab, then uncheck "adjust for daylight ...." and hit apply, then check again and hit apply. (Do this while the system is still an hour behind). I had a few systems where the clock jumped forward right away.

you can first check this, it's how I noticed something was off. Worked the best for systems in another timezone, so it might not help. Do <b>net time \\workingpc</b> then <b>net time \\brokenpc</b>. For me the working PC showed GMT -7:00, while the broken pc was still at GMT -8:00

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Adjust box wasn't checked

by skatzen In reply to don't know why but

For some reason the handful of PCs that were off all had the Adjust for daylight savings time box not checked. This is odd since it they the correct time back in the fall before we went off DST, so I don't know who deselected it during the winter, but the issue is resolved.

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