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DTS ActiveX Script

By kaypaul ·
I have a DTS ActiveX Script, which I open a excel spreadsheet to Update.

It was running fine all the while, until the last 2 days. It ran for over an hours and still not finished. This package usually runs for around 6 to 7 mins the max.

I enclose the codes below. How can I check what has got wrong?

' Visual Basic ActiveX Script

Function Main()
'on error resume next

dim File_name
dim Macro_name
dim ExcelObject

'Put Speardsheet name that you want to open
'Put Macro name that you want to run
'Do you want to save your workbook

Set ExcelObject=Createobject("Excel.application")
ExcelObject.Workbooks.Open File_name
ExcelObject.Run (macro_name)
if Save_Flag then
ExcelObject.Workbooks(1).Close (Save_Flag)
End if

if err.number<>0 then
ExcelObject.Workbooks(1).Close (False)
End if
Set ExcelObject=nothing
Main = DTSTaskExecResult_Success

End Function

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