Dual book one failed

By philldmc ·
My system originally had XP pro, I added a second hard drive and installed Vista for testing programs and troubleshooting for clients.

I installed Vista as a Dual boot. So when I start my computer I always had a chose of Vista or Ealier Verions of Windows, the earlier version is XP.

I believe my XP drive has developed bad sectors and will not boot, however I get to the point of choosing vista and I can boot into vista just fine.

Once in vista i was able to backup all my files but the question I came to ask myself is how to I set it now that I can remove my XP drive and boot off vista...if I remove the drive vista fails to load..normally I just reinstall but as an It person I would like to know.. any suggestions?

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This should get you going

by Jacky Howe In reply to Dual book one failed

just manipulate through Vista.


Edit: don't forget that you will be manipulating disk1 until you remove disk0.

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OK what you need to understand here is that

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dual book one failed

The Initial Boot Files for both OS's and the Dual Boot Screen is installed tot he HDD that had XP on it. This is Drive 0, when you removed that drive from the computer you removed the initial Boot Files and the system needs these to be rebuilt on your remaining HDD to start the Boot process.

So follow the directions that Jacky supplied above and that should get you up and running again. If it doesn't post back with what you have done and we'll see what we can do to help you with this.


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