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By f-150556 ·
I have dual OS on my PC and have loaded both Windows 2000 Pro and Windows XP Pro on the same Hard Disk. But over the time one of the OS starts creating problem resulting in re-formatting of the HDD and re-loading of bothe the OS. Am I missing something or is there anyway by which I can have trouble free operation of both the OS. There was an article sometime back on managing dual boot, but somehow it got deleted before I could read and do something. It will be great help if any friend can forward me that article or suggest something concrete.

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by saihib In reply to Dual Boot

Are you installing the OSs on different partitions? If not, do so. Always install Win2K first. Without a better explanation of the exact problem it's hard to offer any advice.

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by aseem_kumar_2001 In reply to Dual Boot

Always install different OS on different partitions. Better still install both on two primary partitions, and on NTFS formatted partition for good performance
And then if one OS goes bad just format that specific partition and reinstall that OS
Also try this link
Good luck

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by grignaak In reply to Dual Boot

One option you can go for would be to get VMWare Workstation. I love it. It lets you run an OS (ANY OS -linux, windows, etc) in a window as a guest to your main OS.
I'd pick the OS you use most, install it, and then use VMWare to install the other as its guest.
Or you can do that for the one that crashes least because the OSes don't affect each other.

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