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dual boot

By anieboh ·
I have a Pc with Win NT, Win 2000, Win XP installed. All configured to be connected to a network with a domain. The Pc name is same for each OS. The IPs is same too. Each time an OS is selected, it requires that the account for the Pc is created again on the domain. It only remains permanent only if yhe same os is loaded again otherwise, I have to create the acounts again. What's wrong? Why can't the account be retained for all the OS?

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by James Goerke In reply to dual boot

The SID is probably different for each OS. I dont know how to fix this but there may be a utility that allows you to changethe SID.

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by KRM In reply to SID

I know PowerQuest has a SID Changer with their Drive Image Utility Software, but it creates a "statistically unique" random SID in NT at least.

Why not just rename the computer in each OS to <CURRENTNAME>+NT,2000,XP based on OS? That might be easier to administer as well...

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by djent In reply to dual boot

you can avoid this problem by giving each OS a different machine name, the domain will read the SID from each config and retain it. Now the domain is reading a different SID for each OS with the same machine name and refuses to authenticate the new SID as being false.

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