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    Dual Boot

    by rajesh_0047

    Hello all. This is a common topic discussed in detail all over the net. A bit different here.
    I have a HO laptop with 3 storage units – 2 SSD’s and a NVME. The 2nd SSD is using an adapter on the CD slot.
    The NVME is used for Data in multiple partitions.
    The first SSD in in GPT format with Windows 10 20H2.
    The second SSD is in MBR with Linux Mint.

    Till 3 days ago ( for over a year and half), on booting the Laptop, I had the Linux GRUB display giving me the option to choose Windows or Linux Mint. I don’t remember how I did that.

    3 days ago, I screwed up the USB disk (that’s what the 2nd SSD is) by mistakenly loading Ventoy.

    That Linux was a writeoff and now I have done a re install. But the Linux will run only on selecting it from the BIOS setup, not like how it was initially.

    The manual OS selection on booting shows 2 Boot Managers in UEFI – Windows and Linux. And both run perfectly when chosen. But I’m not able to give priority to the Linux Boot Manager.

    3 days probing the net with no workable solution. All I see is that a Dual Boot with both GPT and MBR is Not Possible.

    Any workaround ?

    Thanks in advance.

    I have tampered with the Boot Manager (BCDEDIT) as suggested but it does not provide the solution.
    I have changed the Boot Order using Linux EFIBOOTMGR, but the Windows resets the order on boot.

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      by rajesh_0047

      In reply to Dual Boot

      The issue has been solved.

      Windows on GPT disk.
      Linux on MBR disk

      Linux boots first, Windows via Linux GRUB.

      Only stewed potatoes during this period 馃檪

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