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    Dual-boot 98/2K, bad W98 needs fix or 96


    by gandalf237 ·

    I have a dual-boot Win98/Win2K machine that the Win98 is totally corrupted to the point that it will not recognize any new software or drivers you install. The drive is one partition, FAT32, with Win98se and Win2K (sp3)on it. I have tried to reinstall 98, however it still comes up bad. So my alternative would be to remove the 98 wihtout disturbing the W2K. They are installed in separate directories (Windows/Winnt). I’m looking for answers to both choices, Repair- How?
    Remove- How?

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      Might be a hard punch!

      by luyasu ·

      In reply to Dual-boot 98/2K, bad W98 needs fix or 96

      You are asking the HD of your PC to apply two different file services on one partition, but still expect the TWO OSes to share that knowledge so as they do not currupt each others file system.

      Let me know, which code prevents this from happening.Even with multiple partitions on a single disk, requires that the OS must be capable of providing that service management, not additional software. We do not need dual boots, we a common ground.


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        98/2K Bad Mix

        by techpower ·

        In reply to Might be a hard punch!

        98/2K will most certainly have issues on a single partition Drive what you need to do is install a second HDD but if that aint possible for what ever reason, then you would be better off partitioning the Drive install 2K first then install 98 on thesecond partition the reason being that 2K does not like being second in the boot order.

        Make sure that you install 2K on a fat32 partition so when you are using 98 you can still read the Drive or just make sure that all data is stored on the 98 section under fat32 as 2K can read both NTFS and fat32.

        I hope that helps 😀

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