Dual boot: add Win 7 back to a new Win8 PC

I am going to buy a new Win8 PC and will want to dual boot it with Win7.

Since I already have all my Win7 files and applications on a separate hard drive, can I simply add that drive to the new PC and have Win8 recognize that there is a second OS and create the dual boot?

I know I can install Win7 as a dual boot but would like to avoid having to re-install all of my applications etc since they are all self-contained on their own drive.

Is there an easy way to get the Win8 PC to recognize and set up a dual boot simply by adding the old drive to the new system?


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We'll sort of yes and no

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dual boot: add Win 7 back ...

If you add the HDD to a new computer it will sort of boot but as the Hal file has the settings for the old hardware it will have to do a repair install to alter the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) file to have the correct settings for the new hardware. If your 7 install is a OEM install your copy of 7 may lack the necessary support for the new computer.

Still it's worth a try if only to see what else you need to do to get it working correctly. You may need to do a reinstall to that HDD for it to work.


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Dual Boot

by dmiles In reply to Dual boot: add Win 7 back ...

The method you are considering you will have to change the block on the pins on the back of the drives so that Win7 will be set to Master and Win8 drive set to Slave using SATA 1 connected to Master and Cable 2 connected to Slave
Hope this helps

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