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Dual Boot between two HDrives on one PC

By donmac ·
What is the best program to boot between Windows XP Home Edition(in use )and Mandrake Linux 9.1 ProSuite (not installed yet)Each will have their own Hard Disk on the same PC. I would like to LAN between them (Windows XP and M/L 9.1) also have my laptop and two other PC's in the same LAN.Which Linux file system is best for file transfering.

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Dual Boot

by hitchcock4 In reply to Dual Boot between two HDr ...

I have used Partition Magic (along with Boot Magic) for several years.
Although my setup is very different-- these 3 are on the same hard drive, but separate partitions: Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 server.
Most of the time I am using Windows 2000, but I have the others there for testing purposes.

You might also look in some of the Linux forums on the web to see what people use with Linux. Boot Magic/Partition Magic works with Linux, but I cannot say whether it is the best for this.

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Change boot device in BIOS

by maxwell edison In reply to Dual Boot between two HDr ...

A free option, although probably not as "smooth", would be to change the 1st boot device in the system BIOS. In the newer machines (and even some older ones), all installed IDE devices can be promoted to be the 1st boot device.

I do this with a computer that has 2 physical drives - a Win2k drive (IDE1: C-Drive) and a DOS drive (IDE2: D-Drive). The boot devices, however, depending on your exact BIOS, may be defined differently - C,D,E, or IDE1,IDE2,IDE3 or IDE0,IDE1,IDE2, etc. It works greatfor me, since on this particular computer, we only have to occasionally boot up on the DOS drive.

I also use this theory to have a bootable backup drive in a couple of very critical computers. The C-Drive is imaged to the D-drive every day (or multiple times a day), and in the event of C-Drive failure, changing the boot device to the D-drive would bring that fully configured machine back up in seconds.

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by JackOfAllTech In reply to Dual Boot between two HDr ...
eXtended Operating System Loader
This free program is THE best one that I have tried. On my family PC, I have 6 bootable partitions - one for me, my wife and and each of my kids.


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