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    Dual Boot (DOS/WIN98)


    by pauly4190 ·

    I have a hard drive with 2 partitions. First one has DOS and extended partition has Windows 98. I installed DOS first and then Windows 98. Now my system goes right to Win98 by-passing DOS. How can I have a dual boot menu to choose between them without buying any additional software?

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      Dual Boot (DOS/WIN98)

      by valager ·

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      You problem is that EXTENDED partition can not be active. Thats why, when installing win98, it places it’s boot code to the DOS-partition cause it is a primary.

      You need to create two PRIMARY partitions. Then install Win98 on first and DOS on second. Then you can install menu (boot manager) to choose system to boot.

      FDISK can’t make 2 PRIMARY partitions. You need additional tool. I know one good tool to do it. It called Partition Magic. You can download demo from:

      After creating two primary partitions and installing OS-es, you need to add menu to choose it during boot. I know small good free tool to do it. Address follows:

      So, after installing that you will have menu.

      Good Luck!

      Your Valager

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        Dual Boot (DOS/WIN98)

        by pauly4190 ·

        In reply to Dual Boot (DOS/WIN98)

        I also found another way. If you hit F8 when Win98 starts you can choose to boot to a previous version of DOS. This brought me to the partition I needed to be in.

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