Dual Boot - how to remove it?

By zinka.topolcnik ·
I have a problem each time on load Windows.
On PC I had two partions with 2 different OS. After removing one OS, formatting partion, it offer me again Dual Boot Menu. What should I do to remove that menu? Thanks! :-)

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I'm assuming you want to make this change in a Windows system

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Dual Boot - how to remove ...

Windows uses a file called 'boot.ini' that's in the root directory of the boot drive, usually 'C' drive. You need to edit this file.

1. copy file into your documents file (in case you mess it up, you need a back up).

2. Open the file in Notepad.

3. The file usually has four or five lines. The first line is the reference to the default drive to boot to. Usually followed by a list of the different Windows system locations. Identify the one you wish to boot from at all times and delete the rest.

3a. make sure the pointer in the first line is directed at the OS file you want to open.

4. Save the file and close it.

5. Reboot system.


All goes well, you can now delete the back up.

If it didn't go well, use a boot disk to copy the back up back to the root directory and edit deleting the line you left the first time. Save and reboot.

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A lil easier route

by jferg69 In reply to I'm assuming you want to ...

I am assuming you had a Windows/Linux Dual boot system?
If You can get a boot diskette or even if you can get an OLD win98 Cd you can get to a basic DOS command line and type "fdisk /mbr" without the quotes
This will fix your problem and youw ill be able to boot into windows with no problem
Done it many times.
Took a LONG time to learn that one lol

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Even easier....

by alphatech9 In reply to I'm assuming you want to ...

Right-Click on My Computer

Then click on "Advanced" tab on top.

At the bottom you will see "Startup and Recovery Options" ....

Click the "settings" tab and it will open another prompt.

You will see a message that says "to edit startup files maually click edit"

Click the "edit" tab and that will automatically bring up the boot.ini file opened in notepad.

It should look something like this for a single boot option on XP..

[Boot Loader]
[Operating Systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Pro Edition" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

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Even easier

by nentech In reply to Dual Boot - how to remove ...

Go to the system properties
This is in the control panel labelled system

Click advanced
Click the Settings button by Startup and Recovery

Turn off the tick by ?Time to display list of operating systems?

Don?t do this if you have to choose windows from the the boot menu

You will need to change the default operating system to the one you choose from your boot menu
Then turn off the tick by ?Time to display list of operating systems?

Click ok
Click ok
Restart your computer
This should work
You need to know this

NTFS can not be accessed by dos boot floppys
Window NT, 2000, XP, Vista use NTFS
They can use FAT or FAT32

So if its NTFS come back and ask a new Question about how to create a boot floppy CD or DVD that can read NTFS

Good Luck

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