dual boot machine restart after login

By abucompu ·
Hi can somebody please help me? I have a client that had xp pro loaded on her machine that was infect with a virus, she then took a xp home cd and started a fresh installation of which she did not have the cd key for. Is there anyway (without) formatting the hard drive to remove or uninstall the Xp home version as i think this is what has corrupted the machine and now reestarts after logging in.

Error message failed to read temp.exe and then shutsdown the pc.

our help in this will highly be appreciated!!!!!!!

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"Uninstalling" an OS in situ is impossible ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to dual boot machine restart ...

Because the operating system has to be running and you cannot delete anything that currently resides in memory.

What are you expecting to achieve?

Even if you could 'uninstall' this install of XP Home - there would be nothing underneath it, nothing left behind. All XP installers FORMAT the hard drive before commencing the install process.

Please NOTE:
Depending on WHAT virus was infecting the machine, installing XP HOME over the top of it doesn't necessarily mean that the virus is gone!

There may still be residual infection, particularly in the boot-sector of the hard drive.

However, reading your original post again, are you suggesting that there are now 2 partitions on this hard drive, EACH with an install of two different flavours of XP?

Sorry but I am starting to lose my grip on this situation now.

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You will have to remove the Virus

by Jacky Howe In reply to dual boot machine restart ...

before you can do anything with the PC.
Virus Removal
Restart the PC in Safe Mode and turn off System Restore insert the USB Stick and run Sophos.bat when it is completed run stng380.exe. When the PC reboots start in Safe Mode again and run Spybot.

Download Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.5.2 and install it. Update it.

Download Stinger

Download Sophos and the latest IDE Files. Install it and extract the IDE files to the C:\SAV32CLI folder.

Copy and paste the below two lines into Notepad and save the file to the USB Stick as sophos.bat, it will scan and remove.


Also download and install CCleaner to tidy up your Registry. Let it run through until there are no errors left.

The Sophos SAV32CLI folder can be safely deleted after it is copied to USB.

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OK I don't know if I'm reading this correctly or not

by OH Smeg In reply to dual boot machine restart ...

But from what has been posted here I think that the Owner has attempted to install XP Home to the Same Partition as XP Pro and this has resulted in a Dual Boot Option appearing when you first boot the machine.

Is that correct?

If the copy of Home was installed to the same partition you're in trouble but if it was attempted to be installed to a different Partition or Drive you may have a chance here.

I'm assuming that the Virus or Infection was never removed in the first place either is this correct?

If that was the case I would pull the HDD fit it to a USB Caddy and save the Data & Settings off the drive well the Data at least and then using a wiping utility like Boot & Nuke wipe the HDD to nothing.

Then install XP Pro with the computers original Product Key and transfer the data back to this drive.

If a Install of XP has been attempted before removing a infection the ability to remove the infection has been removed so the only solution is to clean off the drive by writing Zero's to every sector and starting from Scratch. If you don't do this you run the risk of reinfection from the Original Problem that will be impossible to stop from occurring again as you will not be able to access the file fragments that is causing the infection to return.


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