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dual boot of Windows 3.11 and Windows 98

By teri08 ·
Can you dual boot Windows 98 and Windows 3.11? I have a customer that has a program, Terminal for CNC Machines that needs Windows 3.11 to function correctly. I would like to know if I can install the hard drive with Windows 3.11 and the Terminal program with the hard drive with Windows 98 installed. Your quick response would be appreciated. Thank you Teri08

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by master3bs In reply to dual boot of Windows 3.11 ...

I don't know for sure if you can accomplish this the way you want to or not. I'm pretty sure you can make two partitions on your hard drive and put 3.11 on one and 98 on the other; and programs like Partition Magic should enable you to chose which one to boot to.

However, are you sure you can't run in on a windows 98 machine that has been booted into DOS instead of windows itself? It seems to me with some work you could get that to work; possible even in Windows by manipulating the program startup settings.

After all 3.11 is nothing but a GUI thrown on top of DOS; and Windows 98 runs off of DOS.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to dual boot of Windows 3.11 ...

I'm not sure on this one as both OS need to be on the primary Boot Partition as they are both DOS OS's.

Maybe with something like System Commander you can trick the unit into believing that it has two primary Partitions but I would first be running the DOS Boot with one option being a DOS Menu something like 3D Menu where you can create shortcuts directly to the different programs and Windows 98 itself.

So the way I would proceed is to boot into 3D Menu and then have the application executed in DOS and when it shuts down return to the 3D Menu application and the next option being Windows 98.

Programs like 3D Menu allowed 10 first level programs or program types with sub folders available for more programs if required I never did manage to completely use all of the options available in 3D Menu even with all the Diagnostics and utility tools loaded into one sub menu set of folder. Remember that Windows 3X was not a real Windows but it was nothing more than a GUI layered on DOS and every program executes in DOS so it was actually a GUI sitting on DOS to run various DOS Programs. It really is nothing more than a GUI Menu really. 98 is very similar but the limes between DOS and Windows are much more blurred.

All you would have to do to get this to work is a simple Win INI rewrite pointing to the menu program instead of Windows 98 and then when you want to use 98 you can chose the conventional Win INI file to start 98.

I'm not sure if 3D Menu is still available on the Web but if required I should have a copy somewhere around here but it might take a bit of time to find as it's not something that I use very often but being shareware it was once very popular and easy to configure for the non technical end users.


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by 3xp3rt In reply to dual boot of Windows 3.11 ...

My advice is boot your computer with Win98 in DOS mode, and install the win3.11 to on other drive. From this you can start win3.11 in dos mode.

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by aquaris In reply to dual boot of Windows 3.11 ...

you will definatley need a partition manager....

and yes I think you can install Win 3.11 on C:
and win98 on D;
and with partition manager..... you should be able to manage both..

Have a look at

XoSl is a freeware.... and its supposed to even install two or more seperate instances of Win98 on the Same machine....

So maybe that be of any help..

Caution:- since you will playing around with the
Partitioning geomatry of the harddisk....
Please READ through the help files of any partioning software you use... before using it...
so as you may understand whats involved...and how to fix up if any problem arisis..

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