Dual Boot on Windows XP ME/XP Pro

By dougrogers ·
Hello all,

I am currently taking a Networking class that requires the installation of XP Pro and Server 2003.

I currently run XP ME.

I was wondering if it's smarter to run a dual boot system, and if it is how to do that without losing my movies, pictures, and so on or if it would be better to acquire an external hard drive and install them both on it.

Thank you for you help.


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Drive Bay

by TheChas In reply to Dual Boot on Windows XP M ...

Personally, your best option would be to install a removable drive tray and swap between your operating systems.

Shop around and for about $25 more than a second drive you can install a drive bay and switch between your Media Edition drive and your server. Pro drive.

If you have files that you want to share between operating systems, install a data drive in the system that would always be there.

You could install Windows XP Pro and Server 2003 to dual boot on the new drive.

Or, have a separate drive for all 3 operating systems.


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Another alterative

by Jacky Howe In reply to Dual Boot on Windows XP M ...

if you have a bit of free space on XP is to use a Virtual Machine.

Read up on the documentation that comes with the software.

Virtual PC 2007 Release Notes

Download the full version of Microsoft Virtual PC 2007


You could invest in another Hard drive and use it in place of your drive while you are testing. That way you won't bugger anything up and it can be used later on for extra storage.

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Totally agree with Jacky

by BizIntelligence In reply to Another alterative

If this is for testing and lab experience then Virtual Machine is best solution. I use VMware at home as well as work.

Cheers !

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the best solution is one o/s per puter

by computechdan In reply to Dual Boot on Windows XP M ...

if that is not possible

perhaps u can swing the 25 bux each for a couple of removeable drive bays

the cost of a couple of new or even used hdd's to put in those bays is cheap these days especially 40-80 gig ide drives, u could prolly buy a couple of these from a local puter shop used for under 20 bux each

if u ask real nice u could prolly get a couple of 10-20 gig drives for little or nuttin as these really have no value and he's prolly got ten or twenty layin around

if not then u purty much have to reduce your partion size on the drive u have to allow for two new partions to install the other o/s

then u install them to seperate partions in order of production


a bit curious why u askin this here...this should all be covered in the class

anyway there are tons of articles out there about multi boot systems

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Well if it was anything else other than 2003 I would say

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dual Boot on Windows XP M ...

Run it in a Virtual Machine on MCE.

But 2003 is a different kettle of fish here and if anything I would run that as the Base Install and then run any other OS's as a Virtual Machine on 2003.

However here depending on what you have either a Desktop or NB you may be limited in what you can do. Ideally I would say change HDD's through the Removable Drive Caddy type system but for NB's this isn't an Option.

You can use Software like GParted to shrink the Partition Size of your Main HDD

Then proceed to install the Server OS on the unused space. This will create a Dual Boot System which allows you to chose which OS to boot into when you start the computer. But to be perfectly honest I would never recommend installing any Windows Server Product on a NB as they just do not have sufficient Resources to run them correctly.


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