Dual Boot Problem

By dmiles ·
I have a dual boot setup with Windows xp and Vista
the OS are on seperate drives,had a problem to which I had to reinstall the Windows XP OS,after formatting the drive and running XP install I got BSOD when networking files where being copied,I have received a number of BSOD'S

The problem is I am unable to create dual booting,XP will not install on the drive,it installed once but after rebooting it was corrupt.
Has anyone seen this problem or can suggest what I can do here

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New Boot Loader

by w2ktechman In reply to Dual Boot Problem
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XP on Boot Drive

by TheChas In reply to Dual Boot Problem

Are you attempting to install XP on the boot drive or the second drive?

If XP is on the boot drive, I am at a loss to explain the problem other than your XP installation may have become corrupt from a hardware failure.

If you are installing XP to the secondary drive, and Vista loads and runs properly, then, the problem is that XP is having issues with Vista's boot loader.

Microsoft has always recommended installing the older OS first when setting up a dual boot system.

Short of starting over from scratch, you may be able to back up the boot files, install XP and restore the boot files. Or perform a repair install of Vista.

I suspect that what you will need to do, is use similar techniques as are need to fix a dual boot W98 / XP or W2K / XP system.


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Boot Loader

by dmiles In reply to XP on Boot Drive

Chas thanks for the reply,I had the setup working with XP on the second drive but installed first,then Vista was installed
I am unable to install XP when both drives are on the cable,so I am using the crude way of disconnecting the Vista drive and loading XP,but I am getting BSOD when the system reboots for the first time,I ahve tried using the minimal hadrware and still BSOD

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If you disconnected the Vista Drive

by w2ktechman In reply to Boot Loader

are the jumpers/cable set right for your current drive?
Are you using SATA or EIDE?

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by TheChas In reply to Boot Loader

Aside from drive jumper and BIOS settings, my next thought turns to hardware / driver issues.

Are you letting the XP installer choose the storage driver or are you manually loading the driver for your motherboard?

I have not played with Vista, nor dug into the details as much as I should. I wonder if Vista stuck in some boot sector data that a normal format does not remove?

You might try using the erase and set up utilities from your hard drive manufacture, then install XP again.


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Boot Problem

by dmiles In reply to Hardware

I am letting XP choose storage driver,but it still comes up with BSOD at starting for first time,I am unable to load XP it does seem to have a boot setup that overrides XP and embedded into OS
I am unable to use programs that Vista does not recognize,for instance it will not let me load the MB drivers off setup disk
I will continue to try

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Have you tried this

by w2ktechman In reply to Boot Problem

format the XP drive, then install XP. Install the Vista disk and change XP's boot.ini to also find the Vista drive.

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Dual Boot

by dmiles In reply to Have you tried this

Thanks for the suggestion Iwill try it,when I get the oppurtunity this weekend

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