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dual boot problem in win 98/2000

By anil111 ·
Do you have a software that can correct the following problem?? where can I buy it? How much?

I have a Dell L733r tower with dual boot in win 98 and win2000.

By mistake I did scan disk in win 98 with auto repair. This terminated all long folders in win
2000 making them *.chk extn. and no more possible to access them. [about 20 GIG] . I can not open
the .chk files as word will open it but in machine type language.

Is it possible to undo the scan disk ? convert the .chk files back to the folders and reaccsess
the win 2000? If not how to read .chk extn. files and save the data before I clean out the Hard
drive with a fresh installation?

At present I can access some data by installing win 98 on the same HD but in a different folders.

Thanks for your help

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by valis In reply to dual boot problem in win ...


you can always rename the files manually, if you know what they were, just change the file name extension back to whatever they were, .mpg, .jpg, .mp3 whatever, from the .chk

however, that's alot of crap to fix!

other than that, my guess is you're screwed...

you can AVOID this problem in the future by using ntfs in your win2000 partition, win98 can't see or read ntfs natively, so even if you mess up and do that again, nothing on the win2k side will be affected

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by anil111 In reply to dual boot problem in win ...


Thanks for ur reply. Unfortunately I have too many files 10+ gig and have little clue of what the extn. were. Was hoping for an utility software which may undo and restore. u r right. I have lost all of it.

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