Dual boot problems with Win 7?

By cpubymike ·
I finally after about 18 hours of toil and trail and error nearly have my system working again.
Anyway I had Windows 7 on a Hardware striped set AMD SB 700 I disabled the controller and set it back to IDE mode before deleting the volumes.

My bad I realise that now

anyway once I had my hard disks partition tables and ecetera rebuilt for the most part from Gparted and other tools I could get my hands on.

I tried installing to the same drive as Win 7 namely Sabyon and Ubuntu and It would fail to boot every time happened to every op sys I tried.

Finally got Win 7 Back on sda1 where it wants to be and Sabyon went on sdb first with a / and a /home than a swap in the middle. Ubuntu went on last. On both Sabyon and Ubuntu I checked off to configure advanced bootloader options and set Grub for Boot sector of sdb but NT Loader still managed to chop its own head off.

Is anyone else having these kind of problems too?

I'm also disapointed at M$ attempts to keep their monopoly to the point of undercutting what other companies can do

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I didnt have these issues

by mamies In reply to Dual boot problems with W ...

Although I only had ubuntu and Win 7 on the machine. I installed Ubuntu on the first partition with the swap before it and Win 7 on the second partition.

I also used the Ubuntu Grub Boot loader as well.


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