Dual Boot system Linux; Can't boot XP anymore Help

By fig148 ·
I have a dual boot system with fedora 8 and XP on one HD partitioned. Grub is my boot loader, system has worked fine for a year. I installed Norton Anti virus ran a scan and requested a reboot. Now XP won't load. I've tried the XP CD to run fixboot but that won't load either. Please help with any suggestions.

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by Jaqui In reply to Dual Boot system Linux; C ...

you have had fedora 8 on it for a year and yet fedora 8 has only just been released.

re-install windows, then use the fedora rescue cd / oot option from dvd to re-install boot loader and both os will be working fine.

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Can't boot from XP CD

by fig148 In reply to interesting

I started with Fedora 8 when it was stll in development back in April. The release was in November.I tried booting the XP CD and it won't load, all I get is a blank screen. Grub loads fine and I can go into Linux but I think Norton rewrote my boot sector so grub now doesn't find it. That is what I think happened. Any suggestions.

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rewrote boot sector?

by Jaqui In reply to Can't boot from XP CD

then you wouldn't even be able to boot linux.

norton may have changed the bios to stop booting from cd.
[ norton, the worst offender at bloat and is malware, for all it is supposed to be anti-malware software. ]

the only way to fix is to re-install windows.
wiping out everything on the windows partition.
[ thankfully, you can copy the user files to the linux side and not lose everything. ]

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