Dual Boot Vista 32 on both

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I have Vista 32 running a Raid 5 systemw, but having problems with Vista, and need to do a clean install. At the same time I will install larger hard drives. Because I it will take a while to do the clean install and reinstall all my applications, I want to still have access to Vista in my current configuration.
What I want to end up with is a dual boot system, with my old verision of Vists 32 on 1 partition and the clean install on the other.

I would do an image backup using SnapShot of my existing Vista to an external drive. Then install the new drives, partition the drives to two partitions. Install the clean New Vista 32 on one of the partitions. Once it is installed, use SnapShot to restore the Old Vista 32 to the other partition. That way I could continue to use the Old Vista and at my leasure install the applications on the New Vista.

Will MS allow 2 versions on the same CPU?
Will this method work, and is this the easiest way to resolve the problem?

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RE: Will MS allow 2 versions on the same CPU?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dual Boot Vista 32 on bo ...

Yes you can install any M$ OS as many times as you like or have available letters in the Alphabet and remain legal with M$ as the OEM License is tied to the Hardware.

As for will it work that is a different story mainly because by installing the OS and establishing the RAID Array first when you clone the Original OS back tot he second partition of the Drive the initial files read by the hardware to start Windows will not be present in the Boot Sector of the HDD so while the prior OS Install may have the necessary Files and the Boot Loader Certainly will it's debatable if it will work correctly depending on what else is installed that places files to that sector of the HDD.


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