Dual Boot Vista 64-bit and Windows 95

By ahiawa ·
Can I Dual Boot Vista 64-bit and Windows 95, is this possible?

Catch, Vista 64-bit installed first and when I put the 95 CD in it says it doesn't support 64-bit.

Any known workarounds?


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by .Martin. In reply to Dual Boot Vista 64-bit an ...

installing windows 95 first

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With all this raw 64-bit power ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Dual Boot Vista 64-bit an ...

Why not run W95 virtually?

It'll FLY !!

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Well firstly you can not install one version of Windows

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dual Boot Vista 64-bit an ...

Into another version of Windows. When you installed Vista ^$ you did this from DOS to begin with and you need to do the same thing again and install the second OS to a blank unused Partition as You Can Not install different versions of Windows or even the same version of Windows to the same Partition as it will over write the existing files and stop the original System working.

A much better idea is to run 95 Virtually in something like MS Virtual PC which can be downloaded from here but I'm not sure if this is supported by a 64 Bit System. You'll have to read M$ Destructions on this

Or you can use VM Ware to do the same thing but better. I do know that one of the VM Ware Offerings will work on a 64 Bit OS.


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My alternative

by JamesRL In reply to Well firstly you can not ...

I found the instrctions on the net, sorry lost the link, but a good google will find them.

Vista has the native ability to shirnk a partition. I took my Vista partition, shrank it enough for my needs (80 GB), created a new partition on the now unused area and installed XP on that partition (boot from the CD). I then got a dual boot utility from the web and voila.

Really wasn't that tough.


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