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Dual boot w/ Win98 +WinXP beta

By puterduh ·
I think this a unique situation. There's gotta be a way thou.

My first drive is a SCSI 4.5 GB with Win98 (my main op/sys). 2nd drive is IDE- two partitions-6GB a piece. WinXP is on the first partition.

Tried to dual boot with Boot Magic. Didn't work. I think because of the XP and Win.xx mix with two drives-

I tried to modify the WIN XP boot.ini to accommodate Win98 by adding it as a boot option. It would offer a choice for Windows 98, but that's as far as it got. I'm 99% sure I added it correctly...

Although I will admit I don't know much about the NT-2000 structure, there must be some way to easily dual boot.

Right now, I am changing sequences in the bios. Since it's just a beta XP I don't mind the added labor to manually change it (if temporary).

Is the confusion because the SCSI is independent of the IDE drive, both op/sys are 'C drive'?

Is there some added modifications I need to do to Win autoexec.bat + config.sys files as well? or does the Win XP boot.ini priority take over no matter what.

Is there a DOS batch file I can make to boot?

I don't want to move partitions around anymore, so putting Win98 + Win XP on the IDE drive is not an option.

I may try another boot manager.

any other suggestions?

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Dual boot w/ Win98 +WinXP beta

by dmccull2000 In reply to Dual boot w/ Win98 +WinXP ...

Look into LILO boot, it comes free with Linux. Try making 3 partitions, one for you boot w/ LILO, then with Win98, and last Winxp . Having the 3 partitions solve some problems I was having w/ multiple O/S, that way neither is the default O/S.

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