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dual boot win2k & unix

By mantu11111 ·
Hi everybody

This is a strange problem i am having in my win2K pro after I messed up a bit

A little bit history

I have a PIII 866 MHz, 20 GB, 128 MB with win2K pro and SCO Open server 5.0.5 installed on different partitions.

I have tried my bit but was unable to provide a boot loader for dual booting

Instead I have a bit clumsy way of switching between OS'es

I run fdisk as root of unix and then activate the partition for c: drive of Win2k for booting into Windows

To boot into unix from win2k I follow

1. Right Click "My Computer"
2. Select Manage
3. Expand Storage
4. Select Disk Management
5. Select the partition corresponding to UNIX and activate it by right clicking it

Phew !!

Can anybody of u geeksoffer some simpler way to have a neat looking boot loader like the one u have in Linux or atleast a simple menu choice like the one u have in having 2 different windows versions on the same HD

BTW I would not like to have my hard disk formatted and start from scratch

Reply soon


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dual boot win2k & unix

by Karpi In reply to dual boot win2k & unix


I don't know how you can achieve this with SCO-OpenServer but this works for SUSE 8.0:

Boot-up your UNIX-Environment
- Install the UNIX-Bootloader on a floppy-disc.
- extract the boot-loader from the fd with
dd bs=512 count=1 if=/dev/fd0 of=/root/unix.boot

- mount the floppy (assumed /mnt/floppy)
- cp /root/unix.boot /mnt/floppy/unix.boot

Start W2K
- copy a:\unix.boot to C:\unix.boot
- open a dosbox
- attrib -r -s -h boot.ini
- Open boot.ini with an editor
- append "UNIX=C:\unix.boot"
- save the boot.ini

When rebooting you should see a new entry in the boot-menu.

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