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    Dual Boot Win2K WinXp problem


    by data knight ·

    Installed WinXP as 2nd OS onto my second hard drive on a Maxtor IDE card. Win2K is on m/board ide controller. I can boot to XP OK but Win2K fails to load saying that the “system” hive is not found or corrupted. If I repair my Win2K I can boot OK but then WinXP wont boot as I get the “system” hive corrupted message……

    The repair to Win2K I do is in 2 parts. I use the recovery console to copy my System hive back from the ERD area. I then reboot to run the Win2K (manual) repair from CD option and let it reload the NTLDR and NTDETECT items and escape thru the rest of the repair. It seems to work OK.

    I dont seem to be able to fix the dual-boot issue tho’. Is it because I have two HD controllers and WinXP cant cope with that. Any other installations I have done were always to disks on the same IDE controller.

    (The Maxtor controller always shows up as a SCSI controller in the Device Manager – is that a clue to the problem ?) I may even drop Maxtor Cust. Support a line to see if the can shed any light on the subject. And I DO have the latest drivers for the controller card.

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      Reply To: Dual Boot Win2K WinXp problem

      by jschein ·

      In reply to Dual Boot Win2K WinXp problem

      The best solution which will cost some money is to purchase partition magic… It comes with a program called “Boot magic”. This program will properly assign the os to boot.

      That’s the easiest way. The hardest way would be to start from scratch, redo you os setups and image your pc.

      Good luck.

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      Reply To: Dual Boot Win2K WinXp problem

      by jimjennings ·

      In reply to Dual Boot Win2K WinXp problem

      Part of the problem is that you have the second HDD on a different IDE controller and this can cause confusion. The newer IDE controllers show up as scsi controllers because the chipset support is not there for the new features. You will probably be best off putting both hdds on the same controller(the newer one that supports the new features of your new HDD)and use the other controller for CDs or other drives, and in the BIOS make sure that the primary boot device is the new controller. As long as the controller has 2 IDE connections and you do not attach other devices to the cable both can be left as master.

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