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Dual Boot Win95 and WinME on 2 HDD's

By Mr IT Taxman ·
First, is it possible to dual boot Win95 and WinME on 2 separate HDD's?

Current HDD is Win95. Client wants to add a 2nd HDD (40GB) with WinME and make it the master or primary. Current HDD with Win95 would be set to slave or secondary HDD.

Can you provide step-by-step instructions for setting this up?

Any assistance or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

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Maybe, maybe not

by eBob In reply to Dual Boot Win95 and WinME ...

From the MS Technet: "Dual-boot configurations between the personal operating system platforms (Windows Me, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows 98, Windows 95 OEM versions, and Windows 95) are not supported. For example, Windows Me and Windows 98 cannot be installed on the same computer and you cannot boot from one personal operating system to another. These operating systems share the same Io.sys, Msdos.sys, and files."

I suppose the same thing applies for Win95 and WinME.

However, I don't completely believe that. If you're up for an experiment, try this:
1 - Leave Win95 on the existing FAT/FAT32, master
2 - Install WinME on the 2nd HDD, as slave, appropriately formatted.
3 - Leave the master/slave settings alone. There is NO BENEFIT to changing this around, and (in general) you will find the "older" O/S "needs" to be on the master for the computer to boot up, at all.

It is possible that WinME won't install correctly, so all you've lost is a bit of your time. Just reformat the 2nd HDD and start over.

BUT -- if WinME installed correctly, then next time you boot up, you will see a menu that lets you pick which O/S. Great, try it out.

Go to WinME. In the System Control Panel (I believe), you will have atab "Startup/Shutdown", which will allow you to set WinME as the default (top of the list). This is likely what your client wants with their "requirement" for setting WinME as "primary or master".

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by neil In reply to Dual Boot Win95 and WinME ...

basically, you will need to mahe a custom startup menu like windows 98 does when it starts and you press F8. Because both OS's use fat 32 and are located on separate drives you can do it like this:
1)you will by default boot into the OS of the first HDD
2) by pressing F8 you canb bring up the menu with the boot options
3) you will need to add an option for windows ME then link that option to the file in the ME partition.

OR: download bootmagic and let that software do it all for U!

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Dual Boot Win95 and WinME on 2 HDD's

by KriFje In reply to Dual Boot Win95 and WinME ...

If the HDD's has more than one partition the OS should be plased on the first partition on each HDD. Then Each of the HDD's has to be master.
One Primary Master and one Secondary Master.
I'm not shure if you can move the existing Win95 HDD to Primary Slave and still have everything working, without reinstall WIN95.
You probably would have to keep this HDD as Primary Master and set the new one as Secondary Master. Then you can set up, in the Boot.ini file, which OS should be default if nothing else is chosen.

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