dual boot winxp pro on same HD, seperate partitions?

By frankhelp ·
I need 2 completely seperate software situations. Legal ramifications?

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Depends on your Licensing Agreement.

by deepsand In reply to dual boot winxp pro on sa ...

Unless you've a Volume or Academic Licensing Agreement, you'll find that it's 1 copy per machine.

However, I'd not worry about the legal aspect so much as the practical ones.

For example, how are you going to activate the 2nd copy?

And, how do you plan on keeping both updated with MS patches?

And, why do you need a copy of the OS in both partitions? Unless you require 2 Registry Hives, why not segregate only the applications?

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Depends on the laws where you live

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to dual boot winxp pro on sa ...

And the version of the M$ Product involved. Here in AU OEM product is tied to the Original Hardware and can be installed several times on the same hardware so you could effectively have 7 different installs of XP OEM. You would be able to activate and maintain each perfectly legally without a hitch.

But in different parts of the world this doesn't apply and you need to look at local Laws and the M$ EULA to see what you are entitled to do where you are.


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WinXp Dual Boot

by frankhelp In reply to Depends on the laws where ...

Thanks for the reply. AFAIW, it seems since both installs will be in the same pc, with same hardware (2 boot partitions) it should activate fine.
Thanks for the feedback

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