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Dual boot with two hard drives-

By sldebo ·
Ladies and Gents,

I have a customer who had two computers. One dies. He wants to take the hard drive out of the dead one and put it into the live one.

The live computer runs W2K, the dead one runs W98.

I have a problem, because even though I have modified the Boot.ini file to reflect the first controller, second hard drive, first partition as the second boot chioce, the computer will not boot into the W98 disk.

I get an error telling me that WINNT cannot find the file NTOSERNL.

The key here is that I cannot reinstall either OS without losing all his programs and he does not have the media to reinstall them.

I knpow that if I boot up to 98 and then install W2K, everything will work, but I cannot reinstall W2K.

Any ideas?

Computer is set up with two hard drives, one with W98 and one with W2K.

Both of these will boot up when they are the master hard drive without fail.

Any help out there?

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by willcomp In reply to Dual boot with two hard d ...

Only way I know to boot from either of 2 drives is a switch connected to master/slave jumpers that will select one or the other as master on primary IDE adapter.

This is a hardware hack, but is fairly simple. I will try to find info and post back.


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by willcomp In reply to

Can use old power connectors, HDD activity connectors, power good connectors, or any other salvaged 2 wire mobo connectors.

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by BobHo In reply to Dual boot with two hard d ...

Another way to accomplish this is through a bootloader that can hide the drive that is not being booted from. Check out osloader here:

In your situation if the drive being booted up is not designated as the C: drive it won't work because if it's the drive and it wasn't installed that way every registry and application setting is pointing to C:. You would need to change every instance to correct (not impossible but not fun either).



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