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Dual boot XP and Linux

By pounkeo ·
What precaution should I be aware if I will do dual boot on XP and Linus Operating system?

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by TheChas In reply to Dual boot XP and Linux

I believe that you will need to use a boot manager.

TR had a good article on setting up a Linux W2K system a while back.

However, the link to the article is now bad.

Give this article a try:

Then try these links from the old article:

There are more articles that you may find of interest at the Linux documentation project.

If you can give me a valid e-mail address, I can send you a copy of the TR article.


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by HB_BC In reply to Dual boot XP and Linux

You can let Linux make an format a partion on your HD and then use the remainder of the HD as NTFS partion for XP.
As linux install it will ask if you want to install the Linux MBR in with windows MBR, you can click yes or no.
If you click no when the system boots it will come up to a Linux GUI window and give you the choice of booting to Linux or Windows.
If you click yes then it will open to a windows boot screen option and give you the choice of booting to ether Linux or Windows.
Just remember when loading Linux that you only partion and format the amount that you want to use for Linux and not the all the hard drive if you are going to dual, triple, or quadruple boot your system.
We have system that booted Win98, Win2000 Server, WinXP, and Linux Red Hat 7.3 & 9.
Good Luck

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by peab4yougo In reply to Dual boot XP and Linux

Number one....create NTFS partitions and reserve enough space on the drive for your Linux partitions.

Always, always, ALWAYS put XP on the system first. If you install Linux first, then XP will ignore the Linux partitions and you'll have to reinstall Linux's bootloader (LILO, etc) anyhow.

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