Dual Boot XP & Fedora 13

By Hardware_Jinx ·

I would like to dual boot XP pro and Fedora 13 on 2 separate hard disks, with XP on one and Fedora on the other.

Is it necessary to put the Fedora boot partition in the XP partition? And how to do this?

Your advice is much appreciated.

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All that is required here is to install the second OS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dual Boot XP & Fedora 13

To the HDD where you want it and manually set the 3 Fedora Partitions to the Second Drive.

This is assuming that you have XP installed already.

If you are currently using Fedora on this computer you can install XP to the second HDD.

It's not necessary to have the Fedora Boot Partition on the Primary Drive though some files will be copied to the First HDD in this system and the Grub Boot Loader will be included in the operation.

If you allow the Second OS to install this way you will be prompted every time you start the computer and asked which OS you want to load. You can chose using the Arrow Keys and then press Enter or just allow the system to boot after it times out.


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by brian In reply to Dual Boot XP & Fedora 13

you can unhook the hdd with either os installed right now, install the other hdd and the uninstalled os on it. hook both drives up and choose which boot device you want to use on startup through BIOS (mainly if you are going to work in one more than the other, this way your system boots to your main one until you make the change in BIOS). Personally had a big problem when Grub loaded on my primary drive while doing a dual boot, caused all sorts of havoc so i tend to do it this way now...but it is personal preferance, what Col said will work just fine as well, mainly two different approaches.

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