Dual Booting

By eesha_ty ·
I have 2 hard drives in my computer, one is an XP, and the other is an Ubuntu. I tried to remove a hard drive, and insert a friend's temporarily, but it didnt work, and when i put everything back the way it was, and booted, it said something about a "invalid disk" so i inserted a Hiren's Boot CD, and said to "boot from disk" everything worked perfectly until i took out the CD, so i tried to restore the MBR. it worked, and now i can boot without the CD, but now my computer doesnt dualboot with the ubuntu (like it used to). is there a way to select the ubuntu to boot (i think that one has the MBR for dual boot). or a way to add ubuntu to the XP MBR so it asks to dual boot?

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by aswatha.hr In reply to Dual Booting

in your system grub is not working so you first insert the XP boot able disk in your CD drive and install the XP and then you insert your UBUNTU boot able disk and continue the install in your free space of hard drive when install is completed then re boot your computer from hard drive then passing the bios setting after you press down arrow key and enter your grub options and you select the your option and press enter key then you enter to your selected OS.

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This can happen

by normhaga In reply to Dual Booting

if you did not properly dismount the drive during shut down.

After restoring your MBR, read the first 512 bytes of the linux partition and add these to the boot.ini file assuming that is where your linux boot partition is, alternatively if you know where Grub or Lilo reside and it is not on the first sector of your first hard disk add an entry to the boot.ini file that points to it.

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