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Dual Booting w/ NT4.0 & Win98

By gennady.polonsky ·
I have a 30G Hard drive. Can someone explain how I would go about making a dual boot with these two OS

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by gennady.polonsky In reply to Dual Booting w/ NT4.0 & W ...
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Get this...

by TechV In reply to Dual Booting w/ NT4.0 & W ...

This particular requirement has many options of installing both the Operating Systems,The one I am mentioning below isjust one them.
Create two partionins of FAT16 filesystem each with the help of FDISK OR PARTITION MAGIC(If you have Original Media of WinNT,you may use that to create FAT16 filesystem partition)
After partitioning is over,Install Win98 on "C:\", i.e. on Root Drive(The Active Partition),later on while installing WinNT,you select the either same partition for installation of WinNT or you may select the another one,depends on you.
But its beeter if on another partition you install WinNT.

hope u will be able to finish your task


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by TimMitchell In reply to Dual Booting w/ NT4.0 & W ...

The most important thing to remember is that WinNT uses FAT16, and Win98 runs on FAT32. You should FDISK your drive, and create at least two separate partitions. I would recommend three partitions, as follows: first partition, 3-5gb; second partition, 3-5 gb; 3rd partition , remainder of space on disk.

Install WinNT first, using the first partition. After the install is complete, boot the Win98 CD, if your PC supports it, and install Win98 on the second partition.

Lastly, boot into Windows NT, and format the third partition. This will format the partition using the Fat16 filesystem.

Keep in mind that, after the installation, you will have two separate file systems on your drive. FAT32 volumes can access data on FAT16 volumes, but not the other way around. Therefore, any data on the Win98 partition will be unreadable when using WinNT. THat's why you'll need to format the third partition using FAT16, so that it can be used to store the bulk of your data and can be accessed by both OS's.

Good luck!

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thats correct

by TechV In reply to FAT16/FAT32

Mr.Tim.Mitchell's is absolutely right.

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by rebel__beta In reply to FAT16/FAT32

when installing NT4 select the NTFS not the fat16 fat16 is limited by 4 GB and NTFS can handle 1 or 2 TB and under Windows NT you can compress your NTFS partition by opening Windows explorer right clicking the C Drive click properties near thebottom of the properties window just click Compress drive or something like that.

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