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    dual channel memory


    by vladutz ·

    I have a question about the dual channel memory.
    I have an ASUS A7N8X -X motherboard and also a big poblem.I don’t know how to activate my dual channel memory.When i start my computer, just before to start the boot section a mesage is displayed , informing me that the memory runs in single channel mode.the memory modules are identical(3 * 256 ddr ).When i start looking in bios the memory section is partialy blocked, and i don’t have acces to all subsections.

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      by wcp ·

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      Unfortunately, the motherboard (A7N8X-X) does not support dual channel memory.
      However, A7N8X-Deluxe does.

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      by ligurza ·

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      You have to have either 2 or 4 modules for that to work, if the motherboard supports dual channel DDR. I also found that it drops to DDR266 when I installed 4x256MB DDR400 modules. BTW, I have an ASUS P4P800SE with an Intel P4 2.8GHz Prescott Processor.

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